Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar

About us
  Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar is a professional – business organisation which, in keeping with the Law of Craft and Trade and Statute, promotes, organises, represents and presents the joint interests of Craftsmen and Tradesmen in the areas in the towns of: Zadar, Nin, Obrovac and in the local councils of: Bibinje, Galovac, Gračac, Jasenice, Kali, Kukljica, Novigrad, Poličnik, Posedarje, Preko, Privlaka, Ražanac, Sali, Starigrad, Sukošan, Škabrnja, Vir, Zemunik Donji.

The legal framework for the work of the Association is regulated in articles 62-80 of the Law of Craft and Trade. In accordance with article 67 of the Law, membership in the Associations of Trades and Crafts is compulsory for traders, individual merchants and companies who carry out trading activities, and have business in the territory covered by the Association.

Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar numbers about 3,550 members who carry out many different activities and within the Association they operate through guild connections – the sections (guilds) are grouped into 8 basic areas:

  • Production Section,

  • Service Section,

  • Catering and Tourism Section,

  • Construction Section,

  • Commerce Section,

  • Transport Section,

  • Section for Intellectual Services,

  • Fishing, Aquaculture and Agriculture Section.

The Statute of the Association regulates the tasks and business of the Association, and especially: content of work; organisation and territorial catchment area of the Association; realising the interests of members of the Association; the rights, obligations and responsibilities of members; a process of bringing about and changing the Statue and other basic acts; the body of the Association, their aspect of work, content, number of members, the way of election and length of mandate; the way the different bodies of the Association bring about decisions, organisation and work of the Association, and especially organisation and tasks of Professional Service of the Association; representing and presenting the Association, content and form of creating cooperation with the bodies of unit of the local authorities and other organisations, public works and notices, and ensuring resources for the work of the Association.

VINMAR | proizvodnja i ugradnja pvc stolarije 
Adresa: Prilaz Tome Matića 24
Telefon: 023/22 11 91
Osnovano: 2005.
Djelatnost: proizvodnja i ugradnja pvc stolarije
AQUA-HIDROIZOLACIJE | Izolacijski radovi 
Adresa: Selo 68,Vrana
Telefon: 023/636-152
Osnovano: 2008
Djelatnost: Izolacijski radovi
IDEA | frizerski salon 

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Adresa: Trg Petra Zoranića 3
Telefon: 314-436
Osnovano: -
Djelatnost: frizerski salon
UNIK | Upravljanje nekretninama 
Adresa: Andrije Hebranga 10a
Telefon: 023-323-369
Osnovano: 2004
Djelatnost: Upravljanje nekretninama
SF Konzalting | Savjetovanje u vezi s poslovanjem u ostalim upravljanjem 
Adresa: Put Petrića 45 e
Telefon: 091 5234 932
Osnovano: 2019
Djelatnost: Savjetovanje u vezi s poslovanjem u ostalim upravljanjem
N.B., vodoinstalaterski obrt | vodoinstalaterski radovi 
Adresa: Punta Radman 10/9
Telefon: 0981695799
Osnovano: 2000.
Djelatnost: vodoinstalaterski radovi
KORNATI DIVER | Škola ronjenja i podvodni radovi 
Adresa: Zaglav
Telefon: 023/377-167, 098/169-3107
Osnovano: 2002.
Djelatnost: Škola ronjenja i podvodni radovi

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Adresa: Bokokotorska 6
Telefon: 091 91 25 66 3
Osnovano: 2010.
Djelatnost: Taxi
EL MONT | elektroinstalacije 
Adresa: Poličnik 3
Telefon: 023/ 354-148
Osnovano: 2004
Djelatnost: elektroinstalacije
ALPRO | ALU i PVC stolarija 
Adresa: industrijaska zona Gaženica bb
Telefon: 023/341-241
Osnovano: 1985
Djelatnost: ALU i PVC stolarija
 List of Zadar Businesses according to type of trade
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